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2021, 26 İyul, Bazar ertəsi, Bakı vaxtı 23:14

Police Chief, "I Am Thankful I Was Reprimanded, And Not Fired"

Azerbaijan. Mingechevir. Funeral of Bahruz Hajiyev and protest action - Police

In an interview with AzadliqRadiosu, Mingachevir police chief Alasgar Badalov said out of 21 persons detained on August 22 following the confrontation with the local police, 11 were released with fines while the cases of 10 residents were sent to prosecutor office for further investigation.

Badalov said he met with the family members of Bahruz Hajiyev.

"I received the family members seven times in the last two days. One of the demands was that we bring in an independent expert from Baku. We accomodated this request as well as everything else they asked for. I am in full support of punishing the perpetrators. The drug addict friends of Bahruz wanted to put on a show- take Bahruz's body around town, and then return it to the police building."

When commenting about his personal reprimand the police chief received Badalov said "I was expecting dismissal, so I thank our minister for being humanistic".

On August 21, in Azerbaijan's fourth largest city, Mingachevir, a young man was reported dead after throwing himself from the third floor of the local police quarters. Police later said they suspected Bahruz Hajiyev of drug possession, he was brought to the police for questioning.