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2017, 18 Oktyabr, çərşənbə, Bakı vaxtı 00:44

Already the day after November 1 election in Azebaijan, the Central Election Committee accouncned that the ruling New Azerbaijan Party kept its 71 seats. The rest of the seats are now divided among independent candidates and other party representative.

42 of the elected parliament members are independent- without party affiliation.

The rest of the 12 mandates are split among the following parties:

- United Azerbaijan Popular Front Party

- Azerbaijan Democratic Reforms Party

- Great Liberation Party

- National Revival Movement Party

- Azerbaijan Social Democrat Party

- Motherland Party

- Unity Party

- Azerbaijan Democratic Enlightenment Party

- Azerbaijan Social Welfare Party

- Civil Union Party

- Civil Solidarity Party

In total there were 27 new members elected to the parliament, while 11 of the elected MPs are described as "MPs for life" occupying their seats since Soviet days.

On November 1, Azerbaijan held parliamentary elections.