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2023, 23 Sentyabr, şənbə, Bakı vaxtı 02:25

Father's Political Work Lands His Son With A Sentence

Azerbaijan -- Support Coalition for Civil Society Council member Ogtay Gulaliyev, Baku, 13Jun2012

On October 26, the son of a human rights defender and member of National Council Coordination Center Ogtay Gulaliyev was sentenced to 6 months of community work.

Gulaliyev's son, Algushad was severaly beaten and stabbed in September 2013. For reasons unexplained, it was Algushad who faced criminal charges for hooliganism.

The court in Khatai district sentenced Algushad to 6 months of community wirk and deduction of his monthly income in the amount of 15% to be paid to the authorities.

Algushad's father, filed an appeal against the verdict however the complain was rejected.

Speaking to AzadliqRadiosu, Ogtay Gulaliyev said the Court of Appeal failed to properly and objectively assess the evidence presented in court, proceeded with an unfair trial.

"The court rejected all of the motions. We asked the court question the witnesses and watch video footage provided in the file. But the court refused to do so. Just like it refused to reevaluate court materials which we believe were false. The court continued without an investigation into the case".

Ogtay Gulaliyev is certain, his sone is punished for his political work.