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2023, 02 Aprel, bazar, Bakı vaxtı 10:42

Ilham Aliyev, "The Resolution Of Karabakh Is One Of The Most Important Factors For Regional Stability".

Azerbaijan -- President Ilham Aliyev meets with members of the Board of Directors of the Press Council - 21Jul2015

September 30, during the meeting with EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus Herbert Salber President Ilham Aliyev spoke of the Nagorno-Karbakh conflict.

According to president said, "The resolution of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict is one of the most important factors for regional stability".

President Ilham Aliyev said, so far, Armenia's only interest has been to prolong the negotiations and maintain the status quo. But it is unacceptable to keep the status quo. This position was also voiced on numerous occasions by the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs said the President.

Aliyev also talked about the recent escalation on the front line. The president said it was nothing more but a provocation. He requested that this is brought to the attention of international mediators calling it tactics deployed by Armenian side.

He also spoke on the recent fall out between Azerbaijan and the European Union. "It is unacceptable to see such biased position of some circles within the EU against Azerbaijan", said the President.

Salber, said this visit was an impetus to discuss some of the issues between the EU and Azerbaijan as well as to hold discussions on the on-going conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.