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2022, 17 Avqust, çərşənbə, Bakı vaxtı 18:17

Tale Bagirzade, "You Cannot Frighten Us With Machine Guns"

Azerbaijan. Baku. Tale Bagirzade

Tale Bagirzade, head of the "Muslim Union Movement" and theologian was released from jail only two months ago. On September 22, Bagirzade was invited to the Ministry of National Security for questioning. On September 25, Bagirzade was detained by the local police in Yevlax region.

Following his release, Bagirzade spoke to AzadliqRadiosu.

He was on a family visit in Yevlax. Whil on his way to the local mosque, he heard the mosque was surrounded by the armed men.

"There was a rumor that I was involved in some kind of a murder. So they surrounded the mosque with weapons. They must have thought I won't go when hearing these news. I went anyway and asked whether it was me they were looking for. From there, we went to the police station together. I told them I was never afraid of their "elders" and so I won't be scared by them".

At the police station, Bagirzade was informed that police received an anonymous call that day. They were told Bagirzade was to deliver an anti-government sermon. This is why there was an operation on the mosque. "I told them I had nothing to do with the speech let alone knowing anything about it. After that they let me go".

Tale Bagirzade was arrested March 31, 2013. He was charged with illegal drug possession. He was released July 30 after serving his two year prison term.