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2024, 14 İyul, bazar, Bakı vaxtı 18:04

"0" Tolerance To Violators Of Azerbaijan's Laws

Azerbaijan - Ali Hasanov, Head of the Department for Social and Political Affairs at President's Administration - 2014
Azerbaijan - Ali Hasanov, Head of the Department for Social and Political Affairs at President's Administration - 2014

Ali Hasanov, Presidential aid on social-political issues spoke about the recent wave of arrests in Azerbaijan.

In an interview with Azertac Hasanov said in Azerbaijan just as it is in all the other countries around the world, mass media outelts must work within the confines of the country's legislation.

"Azerbaijan's legislation guarantees freedom of speech and information, independent reporting and obtaining and sharing information. Journalists representing or working for foreign media outlets must work according to the domestic legislation and avoid violating rules".

"On March 18, 2015, Azerbaijan confirmed rules and procedures on accreditation for foreign media outlets. There is even a special section on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website to acquire accreditation online".

"Unfortunately, platforms like 'Interaz', 'Euroaz', 'Voice of America', and 'Meydan TV' as well as a number of other foreign media outlets and their employees despite receiving notifications are violating the laws. The detentions of journalists in the past few days working for the foreign media outlets are aimed to invite these journalists to respect and act accordingly with the country's procedures for the international media outlets' accredidation".

Ali Hasanov warned that any activity carried out against Azerbaijani laws will be investigated and the individuals violating the laws will be questioned by the relevant bodies.

Last week seven journalists were reported taken in for questioning, one of whom was later sentenced to administrative detention.

The most recent questioning was of the three female reporters from Berlin based Meydan TV. The three women, Sevinj Vagifgizi, Aytan Farhadova, and Isolda Aghayeva were returning from a training in Ukraine. They were detained shortly after leaving the plane at around 12.30am. The three were then taken to the Grave Crimes Investigation Unit which is part of the Ministry of the Interior.

All three women were kept in overnight and were only questioned 12 hours later.

Contrary to Ali Hasanov, who said detained journalists are reminded to respect the country's laws and acquire accreditation, the three Meydan TV reporters were questioned about their coverage of Mingachevir riots which took place in August of this year.

The journalists were also questioned about the work Meydan TV does.

All three women were released since.