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2023, 30 May, çərşənbə axşamı, Bakı vaxtı 12:38

Journalist Detained In Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan. Baku. Reporter Ahmed Mukhtar

September 18, Baku based independent journalist Ahmad Mukhtar was detained near his apartment.

According to the information provided by the rights defender Arzu Abdullayeva, three unidentified men took Mukhtar at approximately 19:00 local time while Mukhtar was on his way home.

On September 17, another reporter from Meydan TV, Shirin Abbasov received 30 days in administrative detention. Abbasov was reported missing on September 16. The next day, Abbasov's mother was told, her son was deatined by the Department for Combating Organized Crime under the Ministry of the Interior for resisting the police.

The police searched Abbasov's home without any prior notification. His lawyer, Elchin Sadigov in an interview with Azadliq Radiosu said, "although during the search, Abbasov's mother was home, she was not presented with any documents about the search. The people who entered the apartment simply said they were police officers".

Abbasov's desktop computer, two cameras and his personal laptop were confiscated.

So far, Sadigov was unable to meet with his defendant. "I was told Shirin denied my services. If he indeed denied my services, then it is possible he was forced to this. And even if he has denied my services, then it must be done in the presence of a lawyer. I think they said this simply to prevent me from meeting him" said Sadigov.

Also on September 16, two other Meydan TV reporters were questioned at the Department for Combating Organized Crime. They were interrogated about Meydan TV work and the platform's management. In addition, they were asked about the origins of the video, taken in Mingachevir's morgue following the suicide of Bahruz Hajiyev.