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2023, 27 Mart, Bazar ertəsi, Bakı vaxtı 21:57

Another Diplomat Sacked In Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan -- Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Azerbaijan’s diplomat to the Netherlands, Nahid Jafarov is yet another diplomat to be dismissed from his service. Jafarov, was invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shortly after his sacking but instead of going back home, Jafarov opted for asking for political asylum in the Netherlands says reports Jafarov was dismissed due to his friendship with Arif Mammadov, the diplomat whose dismissal was the first in what is turning to be a reoccurring matter between the MFA and its diplomats stationed abroad.

Arif Mammadov was the former ambassador to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation at the EU. Jafarov suspected that upon his return he will be questioned about his friendship with Mammadov and perhaps even get arrested reports

Mammadov, who is now described as the “insurgent diplomat” who was first of the country’s diplomats to openly express his disappointment with the government in Azerbaijan and its policies during the fire earlier in May, which took the lives of 15 innocent men and women, including five children.

Nahid Jafarov himself made no comments or statements so far.

But Arif Mammadov confirmed Jafarov’s dismissal and his plans to seek asylum in a phone interview with AzadliqRadiosu. Mammadov wrote on his personal Facebook page that if pressure from the authorities continues, the number of political asylum seekers would continue to grow.

“We are seeking political asylum not because we want to stay in Europe but because it is an important step in providing protection for our families. Our goal is to continue our work for the sake of democracy in Azerbaijan from here”, wrote the former diplomat.

Mammadov also wrote, “Jafarov is an educated, well read, and intelligent young man. It was these qualities that prompted me in working with Nahid on a plan to rebuild human rights in Azerbaijan while strengthening our relations with the Western governments”.

In the meantime, the press service at the foreign ministry forwarded inquiries to the press statement that was made by Elmar Mammadyarov, Minister of Foreign Affairs on September 9, 2015. In his statement the minister said measures would be taken against all state employees who fail to stand true to ethical standards and violate the rules and procedures not only at the MFA but all other state institutions.