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2023, 30 Sentyabr, şənbə, Bakı vaxtı 08:11

Another Scandal At The MFA In Azerbaijan

Austria -- A damaged Australian flag (R) flies next to the Toyota flag at their Toyota Motor Corporation Altona manufacturing plant in Melbourne on February 10, 2014.

In an interview with AzadliqRadiosu former diplomat Anar Hasanov dismissed all claims about his alleged political asylum request. Hasanov says he requested that the official Baku looks into corruption schemes taking place at the Azerbaijani embassy in Australia. What he got in return however was a formal letter recalling the diplomat back to Azerbaijan.

“After an official request sent from the embassy on July 7, I received a note form the Presidential Administration and the Ombudsman office that the issue will be thoroughly investigated. But instead of investigating it, I was called back by the order of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Because my wife and I are expecting a baby we have not been able to return back to Azerbaijan. We managed to survive in this expensive country thanks to the assistance of local non-governmental organizations”, explained former diplomat.

“The degree of slander is so absurd- they are saying I have accused the political leadership of my own country. But in fact, I support Mr. President and his fight against corruption. I have simply reported that Azerbaijan’s ambassador to Australia, Rovshan Jamshidov and the embassy accountant Araz Khasiyev appropriated state funds”.

“The ambassador and his accountant created a non-existing secretary position with a salary worth 2,700USD. In addition, the accountant using his diplomatic immunity engaged in illegal business of trading spirits and cigarettes. The accountant also paid to the local newspapers for publishing advertisements”, said Hasanov.

Commenting on the scandal, the head of Foreign Ministry media relations Hikmet Hajiyev said Hasanov was recalled from his job at the embassy for violating the laws on “Diplomatic service” and “Ministry of Foreign Affairs”. Hajiyev described Hasanov’s behavior-for sharing a series of documents with mass media outlets- irresponsible.

Hasanov on the other hand says he is being punished for his request to investigate some of the facts.

Although unrelated, a reminder that some time ago Azerbaijan’s representative to the Council of Europe and the EU, Arif Mammadov also accused the government of Azerbaijan and resigned from his position shortly after.