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2023, 08 Dekabr, Cümə, Bakı vaxtı 19:07

The Head Of EU Delegation In Azerbaijan Summoned To The MFA

September 11, according to press office at Azerbaijan's MFA, the head of the EU delegation, Malena Mardi was summoned today to speak with the Deputy Foreign Minsiter Mahmud Mammad Guliyev.

Guliyev said the MFA "sharply condemned" the resolution adopted yesterday, September 10 on Azerbaijan. "The biased document, is destructive to the relations between Azerbaijan and the EU. It seriously impedes the future prospects" said Guliyev.

The Deputy Foreing Minister criticized the adoption process saying it was done in hasty manner without any consultations.

"The resolution is full of biased and made up accusations on the human rights record in the country".

Such methods are doomed for failure said Guliyev.

"In addition, the humiliative language of certain provisions goes beyond ethical norms and frameworks. The absurd and outrageous accusations against the country are totally unacceptable and seriously undermines the organization's credibility. In addition, the calls for targeted sanctions and visa bans are absolutely unreasonable and unacceptable".

"This resolution serves the interests of limited powers in damaging Azerbaijan's growing international influence."

"Also the used of 'Nagorno Karabakh' is against internationa law".

Guliyev also questioned the nature of such statements and resolutions at the time when Europe is facing other crises. The Deputy Foreign Minister found it surprising that the Europea Commission did not prevent this resolution from going to vote at the Parliament.

The head of the EU delegation, Mard promised to relate these concerns to the relevant structures at the European Union.