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2023, 02 Oktyabr, Bazar ertəsi, Bakı vaxtı 18:41
An Azeri man casts his ballot at a polling station during a presidential elections in Baku, April 11, 2018

Azerbaijan votes for the new parliament

After a sudden decision to dissolve the National Assembly, some five million Azerbaijanis are voting in snap parliamentary polls on February 9.

Azerbaijan is set to hold an early parliamentary election on February 9.

On November 28, Azerbaijan's ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) - which dominates the National Assembly - initiated the dissolution of parliament asking President Ilham Aliyev, to call for snap general polls.

On December 5, President Ilham Aliyev with the consent of the Constitutional Court signed a decree approving the dissolution of the parliament and scheduling the early election for on February 9.

Speaking at a press conference in Baku on November 28, YAP Executive Secretary Ali Akhmedov said the move aimed to support Aliyev's policy on reforms and personnel changes.

Officials have said an early vote would help modernize Azerbaijan's legislative branch and speed the course of economic reforms.

The president has the right to dissolve parliament and call for early elections. The vote needs to take place within three months after the dissolution of the national assembly.

Azerbaijan was to hold the next parliamentary elections in November 2020.

Members of parliament are elected by a simple majority from 125 single-mandate constituencies for a five-year term.

15:55 10.2.2020

OSCE ODIHR, OSCE PA, PACE statement on the election

"The restrictive legislation and political environment prevented genuine competition in Azerbaijan’s early parliamentary elections, international observers said in a preliminary statement published today. Although some prospective candidates were denied the right to stand, candidate registration was otherwise inclusive. Despite a large number of candidates, voters were not provided with a meaningful choice, due to a lack of real political discussion, the statement says."

Read the rest of the statement here.

13:45 10.2.2020

The wrap up of yesterday's vote

  • 64 members of the ruling party made it to the parliament;
  • 47,81% of voter activity was reported;
  • one reported death at the precinct - Subhan Hajiyev, a member with consultative voting rights representing parliamentary candidate Movsum Aslanov;
  • one precinct had people dance;
  • ballot stuffing caught on cameras across the country;
  • ambulance driving voters around;
  • pressure against observers;
  • physical violence against journalists;
  • ballot count fraud recorded and reported when across several precincts separate ballots were mixed by the members of the local election committees among the original ballots;
20:56 9.2.2020

Vote count rigging

19:15 9.2.2020

Polls close

As clocks hit 19:00 PM local time, all polls officially close and the vote count begins.