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2024, 20 İyul, şənbə, Bakı vaxtı 14:07

79 Year Old Writer Akram Aylisli Accused Of Hooliganism

Azerbaijan - Azeri author Akram Aylisli
Azerbaijan - Azeri author Akram Aylisli

March 31, in an interview with AzadliqRadiosu, Akram Aylisli's son Najaf Naibov said his father is accused of hooliganism according to Article 221.1 of the Criminal Code. The author is accused of using force against border officer.

Speaking to AzadliqRadiosu Aylisli said, "I have lived as a writer for at least 60 years of my life. And I intend to live as a writer in whatever time I am left with. I am having a very hard time understanding what happened at the airport [March 30], and who wanted this. At the airport's police station, I witnessed an absurd and meaningless affidavit being written. But these methods are outdated. This affidavit is nothing but proof for those wanting me detained that it was all justified."

"If I really engaged in an indecent behavior then security cameras would have had it on record. So instead, they are claiming I did what I did in a room where they took me for questioning, where there were no cameras. They showed me the affidavit. The airport queue manager claims I hit him, that there are signs of me hitting him and that there is also an expert opinion".

Akram Aylisli also mentioned that his passport was taken away on March 30 and returned March 31. He was held for 12 hours at the Baku International Haydar Aliyev Airport after which he was let go. Aylisli was traveling to Venice for Incroci di civiltà Festival where he was scheduled to speak. The organizers of the festival poster the following notice on the festival's website:

"The direction of the Incroci di civiltà Festival, having understood with regret that Azeri author Akram Aylislim, according to reports, has been detained by the airport police at the Baku airport, wishes that the situation may resolve in a positive way and that the author may intervene at the International Festival, which has always promoted freedom of expression and dialogue between cultures. The event in the programme of Incroci di Civiltà for Thursday March 31st at 2.30 pm at Auditorium Santa Margherita is confirmed and will discuss the work of the author."

In 2014, Aylisli was nominated for the Nobel Peace Price.