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2024, 12 İyun, çərşənbə, Bakı vaxtı 22:02

Followers Of Islam In Azerbaijan Face New Legal Restrictions

Ashura ceremony, Nardaran, 4th November
Ashura ceremony, Nardaran, 4th November

The parliament in Azerbaijan is discussing amendments to the law on “Religious Freedoms” in order to amend clauses on hanging religious flags, holding religious gathering and voicing religious slogans.

Amendments include allowing only citizens of Azerbaijan to hold religious gatherings. Azerbaijanis educated abroad will not have the permission to hold such gatherings from now on. Anyone in violation of this new clause will be liable to pay 1000-5000AZN in fines or face one-year sentence.

Another amendment includes ban on religious slogans, flags and attributes. According to the amendment showcasing religious attributes outside the places of worship will be banned and that religious flags can only be placed outside the places of worship, religious centers and offices.

Yesterday, December 1, one of Azerbaijan’s TV channels showed replacement of all religious flags in the village of Nardaran with the national flags of Azerbaijan calling it a triumph.