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2023, 27 Yanvar, Cümə, Bakı vaxtı 22:54

Police Clash In Nardaran- 6 Dead

Azerbaijan -- the residents of Nardaran villages are planing for resistance, Baku 26Nov2015

November 26 police clash with religious followers in Nardaran. Police reports 6 dead- 2 police officers and 4 local residents- following the shooting. Currently police sealed off all entrance and exit points to the village.

The Ministry of the Interior said they received information about planned terrorist attack. “Disguised as religious followers, a group of armed criminals was identified and therefore immediate measures were taken”, read the statement of the government body.

The statement also mentions the names of the four men responsible for the planned act. The alleged perpetrators Taleh Bagirov, Elman Agayev, Zulfugar Mikayilov and Abulfgaz Bunyatov established “Islamic Union” with an aim to change Azerbaijan’s constitution by force and establish an a religious state governed by the laws of sharia read the statement.

“These men, gathered supporters from across the country including from the capital Baku. They have created a criminal network with access to firearms, explosives, and so other weapons. They have also organized illegal gatherings in Nardaran where they have instructed Nardaran residents to organize uprising against the government. We were able to determine that each of these men had specific responsibilities including attacks against government officials. On November 26, the Ministry of Internal Affairs carried out a special operation in order to arrest the perpetrators”.

“During the operation, police officers were faced with gunfire and hand grenade. Returning fire, the members of the special operation team killed four members of the criminal group and wounded several others. Two police officers were killed.”

14 people are currently detained as part of the investigation including recently released cleric Taleg Bagirov.

This is most recent footage from Nardaran.

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The hospital where wounded men are currently being treated is also sealed off. Even the relatives are not allowed to enter the premises. In addition the police surrounded the vicinity of the police station where Taleh Bagirzade and others are currently being held. Additional riot police is guarding the building. No information is provided as to the reasons why both the hospital and the police station are so heavily guarded.