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2022, 03 İyul, bazar, Bakı vaxtı 13:07

The Ruling Party Takes Majority Of Seats After Parliament Elections

Azerbaijan. Baku. Parliament election in Baku capital of Azerbaijan

Following election results, the Central Election Commission in Azerbaijan announced initial results. According to CEC, the ruling party of New Azerbaijan (YAP) won majority of seats, securing 71 seats in the 125 member parliament.

Not one of the candidates from the "Freedom 2015" block made to the parliament. Analysts in Azerbaijan say this might change once the CEC makes final announcements.

39 seats were secured by the non-party representatives.

Majority of winners, are previous parliament members. Some of the new names include the head of the Media Council Aflatun Amashov and national artist Ulviyya Hamzayeva, and lawyer Elshad Hasanov.