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2024, 21 İyul, bazar, Bakı vaxtı 04:30

Political Candidate Disappears After A Facebook Post (Updated)

Azerbaijan -- youth activist Ramin Hajili - Baku, May2013
Azerbaijan -- youth activist Ramin Hajili - Baku, May2013

It appears, Ramin Hajili did not disappear but simply left Azerbaijan last night. His wife who spoke to Azadliqradiosu earlier, confirmed that Hajili is found and that she has already requeted the police to stop looking for him.

"He called me and told me he left the country and that he is fine. He said he will return after he resolves some of his problems. I doubt its because of some kind of pressure", said Hajili's wife.


Ramin Hajili, member of Azerbaijan Europe Movement was planning to run for this year's parliamentary elections scheduled to take place November 1.

With #MenBuOyunuPozaram (I will wreck this game) hashtag Hajili shared the folloiwng message on his Facebook page: "In an election which won't be recoginzed internationally, which won't consider peoples' voices, and which won't give any chance to other candidates I call on our country to mobilise in order to wreck this 'election game' played by the government which has wasted state powers on fraud".

Hajili also addressed the president Ilham Aliyev on Facebook, calling for using the potential of young people in fighting and ending corruption in Azerbaijan.

Ramin Hajili Facebook Campaign Photo
Ramin Hajili Facebook Campaign Photo

In the same note addressed to Ilham Aliyev, Hajili asked the president to prevent favoring of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party candidates in constituency he was running from.

His disappearance came hours after this post was shared on Facebook.

His spouse, Aysel Alizada criticised media reports of Hajili's decision to withdraw from the race. "In his statement, he didn't say he was withdrawing. He only wrote about the illegality of the election", said Alizada in an interview with AzadliqRadiosu.