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2024, 22 İyul, Bazar ertəsi, Bakı vaxtı 18:29

Azerbaijan's Main Opposition Party Mulls Over Its Decision To Run For The Elections


A statement circulated in local media on October 19 states that the party is considering to pull out its candidates from the upcoming parliamentary elections.

In addition, a number of concerns were raised in the party statement. The country's main opposition party said by not having unpaid TV slots allocated for the opposition members, the government of Azerbaijan showing how little tolerance it has for the opposition. This is why the party suggested that political blocks with more than 15 candidates registered to run for the elections should have free time allocated for them on television channels.

Otherwise the statement said, Musavat party will consider to recall its candidates.

According to Azerbaijan's Election Code, only a party with more than 60 candidates can have free time on air. At the moment the only party entitled to free air time is the ruling Azerbaijan New Party. However, they too have turned down this right.