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2024, 19 İyun, çərşənbə, Bakı vaxtı 15:51

The Pressure On The Family Members Of Azerbaijani Journalists Continues

Gunel Movlud
Gunel Movlud

Meydan TV’s writer, translator and editor Gunel Movlud confirmed the news of two of her brothers being detained on October 13. Vakil and Raji Imanovs were detained earlier today and accused of drug trafficking.

The family is shocked. Gunel Movlud’s father, Vazir Imanov says he is completely stunned that both brothers are detained. And the charges are absurd says the father. “They have never used marihuana. I can assure you of that, not even once. Perhaps they might have given it to someone but never used it themselves. I swear to God, I don’t believe, that these boys were growing marihuana and selling it.”

“They both have jobs”.

Answering the questions of AzadliqRadiosu startled father did not rule out the possibility of the arrest being the result of his daughter, Gunel Movlud’s work. “I resigned on September 10. I was a research assistant at a diagnostic center. But after my boss received phone calls from Baku telling him I had to resign, I signed the papers.

The two sons were caught at the same time but in two different regions of Azerbaijan. One was arrested in Sumgayit, while the second son was detained in Bilasuvar. Both sons are married each with three children.

Gunel Movlud’s father is also battling cancer.

Gunel Movlud and her family live abroad. Confirming the arrest of her two brothers, Movlud wrote on her Facebook profile the following message:

"Friends, I do not want to talk much about what has happened. Even a child would understand these arrests are targeting Meydan TV. They don't want anyone to work with Meydan. They are using relatives to pressure. But I won't give up my work with Meydan TV, or with Emin [Milli]. I will not distance myself from the people who work with Meydan. The arrest of my two brothers left my parents who are both battling with their health to death. Yes, I am afraid, of my family, my child, of my family getting ruined this way, of my life, of the life of my relatives. They can do anything. I am afraid and fear is absolutely normal. But I will continue my work even if I am afraid. This is not a sign of some bravery. It is just I cannot see myself live a different life. It has been a long time since I have completely removed the "and" in "life and activity/work" without even knowing it. Those who cannot keep silent will continue to speak up. With love to all people with dignity!"