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2024, 14 İyul, bazar, Bakı vaxtı 15:57

To Build Or Not To Build, That Is The Question

Azerbaijan -- The Gabala radar station in northern Azerbaijan, 08Jun2007
Azerbaijan -- The Gabala radar station in northern Azerbaijan, 08Jun2007

On August 18, 2015, Russia’s Defense Ministry broadcasting channel Zvezda TV reported that Moscow finalized its plans to start building a new early warning radar station in Azerbaijan. The construction was scheduled to commence in 2017 and finalize in 2019.

Russia stopped using its previous radar station- the Soviet radar system in Gabala- due to differences with official Baku over the renewed lease fees. Russia was paying Azerbaijan $7 million a year in rent for the facility in addition to other operational charges. When the lease expired Azerbaijan demanded $300 million a year, which Russia rejected.

In August it was reported that the new radar station Voronezh-DM, which is meant to provide long-distance monitoring of airspaces will be based at the Gabala military complex and supplement the existing Voronezh system in Armavir, in Russia’s North Caucasus.

But according to new reports, Russia changed its mind. RIA Novosti, quoting Major General Anatoly Nestechuk said the chief of staff announced the decision October 3. In his comments, Nestechuk said, it was not reasonable decision to build such systems abroad adding, “I believe that the national system’s facilities should be based on the territory of the Russian Federation”.

Voronezh- DM is capable of detecting ballistic, space and aerodynamic objects, including ballistic and cruise missiels.

Based on the reporting by, RIA Novosti, RFE/RL, The New York Times