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2023, 02 Dekabr, şənbə, Bakı vaxtı 05:29

Opposition Member Detained After A Scuffle

Mammad Ibrahim
Mammad Ibrahim

Baku Court sentenced Azerbaijan Popular Front Party advisor Mammad Ibrahim to two months in pretrial detention.

Ibrahim’s lawyer, Yalchin Imanov says the decision was so unexpected that it is hard to even process and comment on it.

Mammad Ibrahim was sentenced to two months in pretrial detention based on Article 221.1 [Hooliganism] of the criminal code. He was detained following an official complain from a man named Mikayil Guliyev. Guliyev said Ibrahim attacked him unexpectedly and ripped his shirt on September 29. However prior to his arrest, Ibrahim in an interview with AzadliqRadiosu said it was indeed Guliyev who attacked him.

Lawyer Imanov says the administrative detention decision is groundless. “In fact this decision illustrates just how well courts in Azerbaijan operate. The article itself falls under the ‘less serious crime’ category. In fact, lets just hypothetically say that he did commit this crime. During the investigation period, the person under the investigation cannot be sentenced to administrative detention.”

Ibrahim was held in custody over 48 hours without a court decision. Yalchin Imanov said this happens often in Azerbaijan and there are a series of decisions issued by the European Court of Human Rights on this matter. The lawyer, promised to follow up with the case at the ECHR.