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2024, 22 İyun, şənbə, Bakı vaxtı 06:13

AzadliqRadiosu Reporter Questioned

RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service logo (Azadliq Radiosu)
RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service logo (Azadliq Radiosu)

On September 28, AzadliqRadiosu reporter Islam Shikhali was questioned at Grave Crimes Unit of the Prosecutor General.

In a brief interview with AzadliqRadiosu after the interrogation Shikhali said the questioning was mostly about the radio's work in Azerbaijan, Meydan TV, and some of his Facebook friends who have worked with Meydan TV. "They asked me how well I know these people, how often do they come to my apartment and so on", said Shikhali.

"They asked me whether I knew the people who work for Meydan TV in Azerbaijan. They also asked if I was getting paid by AzadliqRadiosu. And why I live alone instead of living with my family and how was I getting by".

Shikhali also mentioned that his passport was returned to him. The passport was among many other personal belongings confiscated during the search of Shikhalis apartment on September 26.

"I told them I had no intention of running anywhere. That I am the citizen of this country and I live here. They then returned me passport", said Shikhali in an interview.