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2024, 14 İyul, bazar, Bakı vaxtı 15:22

Ali Hasanov, "European Parliament Lost Its Sense Of Reality"

Azerbaijan -- Azeri Deputy Prime Minister Ali Hasanov attends a press conference at Four Seasons hotel in Baku, June 2015
Azerbaijan -- Azeri Deputy Prime Minister Ali Hasanov attends a press conference at Four Seasons hotel in Baku, June 2015

"The European Parliament has obviously lost its sense of reality and allowed itself be used in the hands of certain Western circles".

In a statement to AZERTAC Presidential aid voiced his concern and discontent with yesterday's (September 10) resolution on Azerbaijan adopted at the European Parliament. Hasanov described the resolution as well as other recent Azerbaijan related statements the result of certain Islamophobic, pro-Armenian cricles' and their inability to handle Azerbaijan's independent political rhetoric and its successes.

"I can tell you with much assurance that these non-stop actions, unsubjective resolutions are directly linked to the incitement of these circles. It has become a common practice to adopt resolutions based on absurd claims especially during big international events taking place in Azerbaijan. Such statements are controlled by Islamophobic fractions outside of the European Parliament."

"This resolution adopted ahead of the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan is nothing but an attempt to damage yet again our country's reputation by the management of this structure. I would like to remind them, Azerbaijan is not EU member therefore it has no responsibilities and the Parliament's resolution is not but a piece of paper to us- just like previous ill-intentioned documents".

Ali Hasanov said these documents cannot be taken seriously given the suspicious origin of information gathered in preparation of these resolutions. Instead Hasanov urged EP to think of the growing refugee crisis.

"It would make more sense and also just if these sanctions were applied against certain Western leaders responsible for the fall of so many economies, destruction of national resources, and hundreds thousands of people having to leave their countries behind".

Hasanov once again reiterated Azerbaijan's position and interest in continuing its partnership and equal cooperation however, Azerbaijan will never adopt someone's dominant claims and allow for "big vs. small" relations. "It is time to fully understand this and give up on attempts to ruin the relations", said Hasanov.

Similar to Hasnaov, Azerbaijan's Economy Minister and chairman of the Azerbaijani State Commission for Cooperation with the EU Shahin Mustafayev described the resolution as "provocative" and "serious blow to the relations". The Minister shared these feelings of discontent in a meeting with the head of the EU representative office in Azerbaijan, Malena Mard according to reports by Trend.