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2024, 26 Fevral, Bazar ertəsi, Bakı vaxtı 15:28

In Baku Journalist Dies After Severe Beating (Updated)

Azerbaijan. Baku. Journalist Rasim Aliyev
Azerbaijan. Baku. Journalist Rasim Aliyev

Guler Abbasova, Rasim's girlfriend speaks to Azadliq Radiosu

Rasim died as a result of terrible medical assistance said Rasim’s girlfriend, 25 year old Gular Abbasova in an interview with Azadliq Radiosu adding there were many discrepancies in his medical examination report.

"The doctor claims Rasim was taken into surgery 8pm local time. How is that possible if I spoke to Rasim at 8.10.

He said I was beaten, but not worry, it wasn’t anything serious

The doctor also claims Rasim was admitted to the hospital at 7pm. But already at around 6pm Rasim called me, telling me he was at the hospital and that I should notify his family.

His friends were at his bedside from the beginning until 1am, Rasim never left the room, nor was he taken in for the surgery earlier.

Rasim was operated only at around 2am.”

Rasim’s friends and colleagues who were at his bedside also say the doctors were reluctant. They said, doctors left Rasim unattended and didn't return untill Rasim started complaining of severe pain in his chest once the effect of the pain killers wore off.

In the meantime Rasim bled on the inside as his spleen ruptured.

Azerbaijan. Baku. Rasim Aliyev and his girlfriend Guler Abbasova
Azerbaijan. Baku. Rasim Aliyev and his girlfriend Guler Abbasova

“We suspect that the doctor’s realized this only after operating on him. And that was too late. He lost a lot of a blood already and that surgical intervention came too late.

He was given painkillers twice. That’s why he didn’t feel the pain until the effect wore off and he started complaining about the pain in his chest.

Apart from four broken ribs he had a ruptured spleen. He should have gone through thorough check up and control as soon as he was admitted to the hospital.

They even didn’t bother to check his ear [Rasim received a heavy blow on his left ear during the attack]. The doctor told him, they would look at it the next day.”

"He said I was beaten, but not worry, it wasn’t anything serious" said Guler in her interview. She described him as "the gentlest person, who would never hurt an ant. He would rather hurt himself than hurt anyone else. He was kind, thoughtful, respected opinions of others. He was very smart. Rasim was extraordinary, very different from others…"

Rasim Aliyev remembered at the trial of Khadija Ismayil

On August 10, journalist Rasim Aliyev was remembered outside the court room where Khadija Ismayil's hearing continued. Journalists and friends took a minute of silence remembering the journalist.

In addition, the Ministry of Health is investigating the cuase of death. In a press statement to Trend outlet, the spokesperson for the Ministry said, the cause of death will be known following the thorough examination by forensics and pathology unit.

Azerbaijan -- trial against Khadija Ismayil - 10Aug2015
Azerbaijan -- trial against Khadija Ismayil - 10Aug2015


President Ilham Aliyev will closely follow the investigation

President's aid Ali Hasanov said on August 10 that President will follow the investigation closely. Hasanov said President was concerned about the case and said this murder is direct threat to freedom of speech and the work of media in the country.


Soccer player suspended from the team

Cavid Huseynov's soccer team "Gebele" said in a press statement earlier today (August 9) that although Huseynov remains valuable team player, it is best he is suspended until further clarity is brought to the case.

"We deeply regret Cavid Huseynov's name being involved in this murder case. And we hope that soon the actual perpetrators will be brought to justice and receive the punishment they deserve" reads the statement.

In another important development, the cousin of the soccer player whose name is mentioned on several occasions throughout the case [it was this man Rasim was going to meet not far from his apartment] was detained. The identities of other men involved in the beating and subsequent murder of the journalist are also identified and police is expecting to bring them in for questioning within hours.


Rasim Aliyev's father answers quesitons. "They promised they are going to find the killers".

In an interview with local journalists, Rasim's father briefed local reporters on the details of his son's murder. Below is the translation of his comments:

"I met with prosecutor's assistant. He told me they are going to find them. He told me he doesn't have the identitites of the killers but added that in few days they are going to find them. He didn't tell me anything about the security camera footage that was filming at the time of the crime.

Once he was admitted at the hospital, the doctor's found out four of his ribs were broken. The x-ray machine showed no internal organ damage. The doctor's also found out Rasim had difficulty hearing with his left year. This was most likely the result of the attack.

Later his condition worsened. Following another examination he was taken into surgery. The doctors removed his spleen. They also realized his lung was injured."

Rasim Əliyevin atası: "Söz verdilər ki, tapacaqlar"

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Rasim Aliyev buried.

Azerbaijan. Baku. Rasim Aliyev
Azerbaijan. Baku. Rasim Aliyev


Official statement from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the office of General Prosecutor on the murder of Rasim Aliyev

"On August 8 at around 18.00 Rasim Aliyev was beaten by a group of unknown men in Bayil settlement of Sabail district. He was then placed into a hospital with severe and multiple body injuries. He died August 9 at around 05.00 as a result of sustained injuries.

The criminal case was opened under the Article 126.3 of the Criminal Code (intentional infliction of body harm causing death). There is an investigation team looking into the case. [If found guilty the suspects are facing anywhere between 7 to 12 years in jail.]

The case is under close supervision of the General Prosecutor and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Presidential aid, Ali Hasanov said in an interview, "the case is being closely investigated and the perpetrators will be found". He requested that until there is an official statement, media outlets act cautiously and responsibly spreading unconfirmed information.


Prosecutor's assistant says they already know the identities of some of the individuals who attacked the journalist two days ago. The police holds footage of the attack and are looking further into the case.


August 9, Rasim Aliyev, journalist from Baku died this morning following severe beating he endured yesterday. Earlier reports say he was allegedly beaten by the relatives of a local soccer player Cavid Huseynov.

Aliyev criticized the soccer player for his unethical behavior when answering the question of a Greek journalist following a soccer game. When the journalist approaced Huseynov and asked why the latter took out a Turkish flag, Huysenov snapped, pulled a hand gesture and sayd the two countries were friends. On his personal Facebook wall, Aliyev wrote: "I do not want, someone this amoral, impertinent and unable to control himself, represent me on European soccer fields".

In his interview from at the hospital with Meydan TV, Aliyev talked about the attack in more detail. "After I posted the status, I received a call from Cavid Huseynov's cousin. He yelled and swore at me over the phone. Then the soccer player himself called, said he meant no ill when replying to the Greek journalist and simply meant to highlight the bond between Turkey and Azerbaijan. Shortly after, Cavid Huseynov's cousin called again. He apologized for his earlier behavior and said that Cavid suggested the two men meet over tea to talk the issue over. I told hime there was no need but he insisted. So I agreed. In an hour he called me again, said he was near where I lived. I got into my car and drove to meet the man. I saw him from afar. After I got out and shook his hand, I received a heavy blow on my left ear. Then I was on the ground, seeing only legs kicking me all over my body. There were 6 people. It lasted for about 30-40 seconds. Then they all ran away in different directions. They also took my phone and my wallet with them as they ran. I called 102 police dispatcher but they didn't do anything" explained Rasim.

Aliyev worked for the Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety, leading media monitoring group in Azerbaijan. The institution was subject to government pressure last year and was forced to shut down following freezing of its bank accounts and persecution of its founder and director Emin Huseynov. Its office was raided and then sealed shut. When the organization shut down Aliyev continued his work as freelance reporter.

Commenting to local media, his sister, Gulnara Aliyeva said, Aliyev's condition deteriorated sharply overnight and despite surgical intervention he died of internal bleeding at the intensive care unit.

This was not an isolated incident. Aliyev was subject to violent beating and attacks before. He also received a series of threat messages and on July 25, the journalist wrote on this Facebook profile the following update: "Dear friends, where do I need to complain if I am getting threats and being intimidated via social media networks? Please let me know."

It is yet to be determined who were the real perpetrators of the murder.