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2023, 31 Mart, Cümə, Bakı vaxtı 11:27

Euro Games For The Next 100 Years

Azerbaijan -- opening of the First European Games in Baku - 12Jun2015

June 28, in an official ceremony, the President of the European Olympic Committee (EOC) Patrick Hickey received the flag of the European Games from Azerbaijan's Minister of Youth and Sport, Azad Rahimov.

Hickey is certain the future of the games is assured. Rahimov, seems to share the sentiment. While presenting Hickey with the flag in a special case, Rahimov said, "Mr. President, I hand you the flag of the European Games in a special presentation case. It contains a plaque for the next European Games host city - and enough plaques for the next 100 years of the European Games".

But it is not even certain who the next hosts are going to be.

The EOC decided not to have "complex bidding process" for the upcoming 2019 Games. Instead, a decision will be made in a private dialogue.

Currently (after Netherlands withdrew) the potential host countries are Belarus/Minsk, Greatn Britain/Glasgow, Poland, Russia/Kazan or Sochi, Turkey/Istanbul or Mersin.