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2024, 16 Aprel, çərşənbə axşamı, Bakı vaxtı 11:41

Tural Mustafayev, “I Withdraw My Complaint Against Khadija Ismayilova”

Tural Mustafayev, the man who pressed charges against investigative reporter and the host of the daily radio show on Azadliq Radiosu, Khadija Ismayilova is no longer accusing Ismayilova of inciting him to suicide.

In an interview with Azadliq Radiosu, Mustafayev said he has written a letter to Zakir Garalov, head public prosecutor, asking to retract his original complaint.

“I had psychological issues, I was having a nervous breakdown”, said Mustafayev commenting on the reasons he complained about Ismayilova in the first place.

On November 26, Mustafayev wrote a letter of complaint to the prosecutor accusing Ismayilova of pushing him to near suicide. Some weeks later in December of last year, Mustafayev attempted at withdrawing his complaint. “As a result of certain reasons” Mustafayev was unable to do so. In his interview with Azadliq Radiosu Mustafayev prefered not to elaborate on these “reasons”.

In his recent letter, in addition to withdrawing his complaint, Mustafayev also requested that the travel ban imposed on him the day after he wrote the letter accusing Ismayilova, is lifted.

Khadija Ismayilova was arrested December 5, 2014 on charges of “incitement to suicide”. She was later accused of a number of new charges, including embezzlement, abuse of power, tax evasion and illegal business ownership.