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2021, 16 Aprel, Cümə, Bakı vaxtı 20:55

Leyla Yunus Health Continues To Deteriorate While In Prison

Azerbaijan -- Baku. Leyla Yunus, 5 May 2013

Since her arrest, Leyla Yunus lost over 16 kilos (35 pounds). She is also suffering from a medical condition called hepatomegaly - a liver enlargement and deterioration according to the most recent medical examination.

Christian Witt, doctor from the Berlin-based Charite hospital examined Mrs. Yunus March 12. In her consultations with Yunus’s lawyer Elchin Bagirov, Witt concluded that Mrs. Yunus’s liver is deteriorating. Witt also examined Mrs. Yunus in December of last year and in January.

The penitentiary service declined to comment. Earlier, the Ministry of Justice representatives concluded Leyla Yunus was in good health and no major problems were observed in her health.

Leyla Yunus was arrested July 30, 2014. She is accused of treason and a series of other criminal charges including tax evasion. Her husband, Arif Yunus was arrested August 5, 2014 and is too accused of treason.

Amnesty International declared the couple “prisoners of conscience”.