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2022, 25 Sentyabr, bazar, Bakı vaxtı 05:54

Intigam Aliyev: "They Took Me From My Cell Without Letting Me Dress"

Azerbaijan -- lawyer Intigam Aliyev - 2012

On February 19, a group of ten people walked into Intigam Aliyev's cell and forced him to come with him for a medical examination.

The next day, Ministry of Justice issued a statement on Aliyev's medical condition, concluding no serious threats to his health based on the examination at the capital's Neurosurgery hospital.

Aliyev refutes the results of the examination adding none of the results reflect the reality and the seriousness of his health condition.

Prominent human rights defender shared this statement on Febraury 24. "They told me an hour before our arranged examination. I refused. I told them if I am not presented with the results of the previous examinations why am I getting checked again? I was told if I do not go voluntarily, they will take me by force. A few minutes later 10 men showed up at my cell and took me by my arms. I realized protesting was meaningless".

Aliyev informed the prison guards he was only going to leave in the presence of his personal doctor. And that he would like to inform his lawyers and family members. None of these requests were provided.

When Aliyev inquired about the immediacy of this medical examination he was told "the public is concerned about his health".

Once again, he was not provided with the results of the examination.

The day after his examination, Ministry of Justice shared the following statement, "As a result of additional medical examination at the city's best hospitals no serious health threats were dedected. In addition, it was confirmed Aliyev is not suffering from any oncological threats".

Intigam Aliyev is suffering from a series of health conditions including spine related problems.

Aliyev was arrested in August of 2014 and charged with tax evasion, abuse of authority, illegal enterpreneurship. Amnesty International declared the human rights defender "prisoner of conscience".