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2021, 27 İyul, çərşənbə axşamı, Bakı vaxtı 17:09

Baku Jails The Brother Of Berlin Protester (Updated)

Germany -- Members of Journalists Without Borders protest against Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev during his visit to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in front of the Chancellery in Berlin, January 21, 2015

February 20, Baku Court of Appeal ordered release of Elgiz Sadigli on house arrest. Alovsat Sadigli, father of Elgiz said he was surprised by the court's decision. He is certain all of it was politically motivated decision after his second son, Tural Sadigli, dissident blogger appeared at anti-Aliyev protest in Berlin few weeks ago. Alovsat Sadigli was also briefly detained but released shortly after.

January 21, as President Aliyev was meeting Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel a group of protesters was calling for release of political prisoners in Azerbaijan outside Merkel's office.

One of the protesters, an Azerbaijani dissident blogger Tural Sadigli learned a few weeks after the protest, his older brother, who currently lives in Azerbaijan was detained for drug possession. Police allegedly found 1.5kg of marijuana on Elgiz Sadigli, 37 and placed him in a two-months pre-trial detention. A spokesperson for the Interior Ministry confirmed the detention however dismissed any claims the arrest was politically motivated.

In an interview with German Der Tagesspiegel Sadigli said both his brother and father were detained. Although Tural's father was later released his brother remained in jail. "With my brother, police said they found 5grams of drugs in his pocket and 1.5kg in his car". Der Tagesspiegel said there were at least two other cases where families lost their jobs.

Tural's father, told Azadliq Radiosu his older son was arrested as a result of Tural's activism.

Hugh Williamson of the Human Rights Watch wrote, "For Chancellor Merkel, the consequences of Sadigli's protest on her doorstep should bring home the scale of the Azerbaijani government's disregard for human rights. She said that she had raised human rigths concerns with Aliyev; now she has a good reason to tell him that such retribution is completely unacceptable and that Elgiz Sadigli - and the many others held on politically motivated charge - should be immediately released".

The protest was also attended by Ales Bialiatski, leader of the Human Rights Center "Viasna", Liliya Shibanova, head of the Russian Association GOLOS, Stefanie Shiffer of the German Organization European Exchange - all of which are founders of the European Platform for Democracy Elections. Anar Mammadli who is currently jail is also EPDE board member.