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2022, 17 May, çərşənbə axşamı, Bakı vaxtı 17:40

Leyla Yunus Test Results Indicate Serious Health Threat

Azerbaijan -- human rights defender Leyla Yunus

Following a series of tests and examinations, international doctors confirm severity of Leyla Yunus state of health.

Yunus was examined about a month ago when she was taken to a local hospital for blood tests and thorough medical examination. The German doctor Christian Witt who was present during her examination on December 30, confirmed that Yunus is suffering from a medical condition known as hepatomegaly - a liver enlargement - based on the test results. Among many, weight loss is one of the symptoms of this condition. Since her arrest six months ago, Yunus lost over 16kg currently weighting 46kg.

Witt informed Yunus of her condition in person during his visit on January 26.

The German doctor is certain these symptoms confirm irreversible medical processes in Yunus’s health.

Leyla Yunus, prominent human rights activist and Director of Peace and Democracy Institute was arrested on July 30, 2014. She was originally sentenced to three months in pre-trial detention however her sentence was extended until February 28, 2015. She is facing charges of tax evasion, illegal business and abuse of authority charges.

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