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2024, 19 May, bazar, Bakı vaxtı 18:09
Khadijas trial cartoon
Khadijas trial cartoon

Khadija Ismayilova's Sentence Suspended After Supreme Court Decision

Khadija Ismayilova was arrested December 5, based on article 125 of the Criminal Court (inciting to suicide).

On May 25, following Supreme Court Decision journalist Khadija Ismayilova's sentence was suspended. Acquitted of article 179 (appropriation) and 308 (abuse of power), Ismayilova is still facing charges of illegal entrepreneurship, and tax evasion.

On September 1, the Baku Court for Grave Crimes sentenced Khadija Ismayil to 7 years and 6 months in jail. She was acquitted for the "incitement to attempt suicide" charge and found guilty on charges of tax evasion, embezzlement and misappropriation, abuse of power, and illegal enterpreneurship.

On February 23, under the decision handed by the Binegedi District Court Judge Sedreddin Haciyev, investigative reporter Khadija Ismayilova was found guilty based on the article 147.2 of the Criminal Code (slander). She was fined in the amount of 2,500Manat.

On February 13, Azerbaijan's Prosecutor General Office issued a series of additional charges against an award- winning investigative reporter Ismayilova. She is facing up to 19 years if convicted for embezzlement, tax evasion, illegal business and abuse of power.

On January 27, Sabail District Court ruled to keep Khadija Ismayil in jail for another two months. On February 5, her two-months sentence was going to finalize.

Azerbaijani government claimed there were no political motives in Ismayilova's case.

Azadliq Radio believes Ismayilova's arrest is the result of her work, investigating illegal businesses of Azerbaijani government officials.

Ismayilova, journalist and host of daily show After Work was arrested December 5 by the order of the Sabail District Court of Baku on charges brought by the prosecutor office.

She was sentenced to two months of pre-trial detention based on Article 125 of the Criminal Code (inciting to suicide) on December 5.

Her apartment was searched on December 6.

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