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2021, 02 Avqust, Bazar ertəsi, Bakı vaxtı 22:28

Azeri Police Detain Young Blogger (Updated)

Mehman Huseynov. Blogger. Baku. Azerbajgan

Earlier today (December 1, 2014) blogger and author of satirical page Sancaq Mehman Huseynov was detained by the local police officers at one of the capital's ASAN services where he was renewing his ID card.

In an interview with RFERL Azerbaijan Service Huysenov said during his questioning at the Khatai police department he was informed all of his documents (international passport and national ID card) were inactive. "They also told me my passport was forged and that I was using it illegaly".

On November 10, Huseynov was prevented from leaving the country. While traveling to a conference organized by the OSCE the young blogger was informed his passport was no longer valid. Huseynov sent an inquiry to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

There seems to be a miscommunication between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the police station however. On November 29, Huseynov received an official letter from the Ministry informing him there was nothing wrong with his passport.

Huysenov who applied for renewal of his national identification card was heading to ASAN service when police apprehended him and accused him of forgery.

On his personal Facebook page Huseynov wrote, "I am now being taken to a police station. Will there ever be a time in this country when I spend at least one day without police?"

Mehman Huseynov is considered as the most influential blogger in Azerbaijan. He is also Emin Huseynov's brother. Emin Huseynov is the Director of the Institute for Reporters Freedom and Safety. Currenly, Emin Huseynov is in hiding under threat of arrest.

In 2012 a criminal case was opened against the blogger. He is accused of hooliganism and resisting police. The case is pending investigation.