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2021, 12 May, çərşənbə, Bakı vaxtı 23:09

"They Will Bury My Mom On Christmas", Dinara Yunus

Azerbaijan -- FIEL - Leyla Yunus, Bauku, May 12, 2006

Leyla Yunus, 58 and fierce critic of Azerbaijani authorities might not survive the end of this year. In an emotional appeal to friends and supporters of her parents, Dinara Yunus, the daughter of Leyla and Arif Yunus informs of a quickly deteriorating health condition of her mother.

High blood pressure, advanced liver disease and high blood sugar levels are just some of the indicators of Yunus's medical state. "It is absolutely clear to me that this is the manner in which, Azerbaijan’s authoritarian regime decided to physically destroy my mother. If this is the current state of my mom, this means the authorities do not even think someone could photograph her in her present state, with missing teeth and fallen hair", writes Dinara Yunus in her appeal.

"This photograph would have shown what my mum went through while in prison.

It is with much difficulty that I write these words. I clearly understand what the criminal regime of Azerbaijan is planning to do: completely destroy my mum and most likely it is going to happen during Christmas and New Year Holidays, when everyone will be on vacation, together with their families.

It would be very convenient for the authorities to bury my mum during this time - by Muslim tradition, my mum's dead body wrapped into a piece of white cloth and covered with earth."

Leyla Yunus is accused of high treason, spying for Armenia, illegal business activities, document forgery, and fraud.

International human rights organizations condemn the arrest and demand for her immediate release.