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2021, 24 İyul, şənbə, Bakı vaxtı 09:51

Baku Residents Readjust Their Lives During The European Games

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European Games
European Games

May 17, a new restriction was added to an aleady growing list of limitations imposed on the residents of the capital for the duration of the European Games.

According to an announcement issued by the State Traffic Police Department, large vehicles (especially trucks) will be comletely banned from entering Baku starting June 1 until June 30. In addition, cars registered outside of Baku and carrying plates of other towns would also face the same ban as large vehicles.

The decision was made in order to ease the city traffic said the department.

But this is not the only limitation that is being imposed on the residents. There are two kinds of restrictions: official ones and those that are advised to follow.

Official restrictions include:

  • No large vehicles (trucks) are going to be allowed to enter the city;
  • Fines will be imposed on those driving on a separate lane designated only for the Games;
  • Only drive public transportation vehicles in an official uniform;
  • Only cars with a special parking permission will be allowed to park in the vicinity of the Games' arena;
  • No spirits will be sold in stores during the duration of the Games.

Officisl suggestions include:

  • Avoid long and loud wedding convoys;
  • Avoid driving old cars;
  • Avoid using your personal car as a taxi (which is one of the main incomes of many Baky residents);
  • No construction work;
  • Avoid hanging laundry on the balconies and outside of windows facing main streets and avenues;
  • Avoid holding mourning ceremonies in tents (a custom that lasts from three to seven days and then repeated on the 40th day);
  • Avoid wedding ceremonies all together

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