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2022, 17 May, çərşənbə axşamı, Bakı vaxtı 19:45

Three Members Of Opposition Party Detained In Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan – the logo of the AXCP (Popular Front Party), undated

Ruslan Nesirli, Sadif Gurbanov and Turkel Alisoy, members of the Popular Front Party were arrested shortly after the National Council – the coalition of opposition parties – organized protest on April 5.

On April 6, the chair of the party’s Sabail district branch, Sadif Gurbanov was sentenced to 25 days by the court order. The same day, police arrested another member of the party, Turkel Alisoy. Alisoy was sentenced to 30 days. On April 7, the party’s youth branch member Ruslan Nesirli was also arrested and sentenced to 20 days.

Turkel Alisoy is accused of hooliganism while the other two, Nesirli and Gurbanov for resisting police.

Vice President of the Popular Front Party Gozel Bayramli believes these arrests are the result of their political activities.

In an interview with Azadliq Radiosu, Turkel Alisoy’s brother Eltac said his brother and the rest of the members are arrested because of their activity on the social media platforms like Facebook.

Authorities refute such statements, saying arrests of individuals are taking place as a result of concrete criminal activities.