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2021, 13 May, Cümə axşamı, Bakı vaxtı 13:58

European Neighborhood Policy Country Progress Report On Azerbaijan

The ENP progress report notes a number of developments which took place within the framework of the EU-Azerbaijan relations in the last year. Some of the most notable developments included entering into force the Visa Facilitation Agreement and the Readmission Agreement, and the Protocol on Azerbaijan's participation in EU programmes and agencies.

While report highlights economic developments it concludes that little progress was made in the field of democracy. There was regression in the democratic transition process and with regard to human rights and fundamental freedoms, e.g. the freedom of religion or belief, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. The situation of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) deteriorated considerably and a more restrictive legal framework was introduced. As a result, many CSOs suspended their activities. A number of prominent Human Right Defenders were detained, travel bans were issued and bank accounts of civil society organisations were frozen.

A series of actions were recommended for the upcoming year in order to improve the situation. The full list can be found here.