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2021, 09 May, bazar, Bakı vaxtı 06:40

Azerbaijan’s Defense Spending Hits 4 billion Mark Amid Risk of Armenia War

Azerbaijan - President Ilham Aliyev inspects weapons put on display at the site of exercises held by the Azerbaijani army, 26Jun2014.

Despite the decline in projected oil prices, the government of Azerbaijan intends to increase its military budget to $4.8billion in 2015. The 27 percent growth will exceed the total spending budget of $3.2billion of Armenia said Azerbaijan’s Finance Minister Samir Sharifov.

The spike is justified with the potential threat and the recent escalation of clashes on the front line with Armenia.

Tensions escalated with Azerbaijan downing an Armenian military helicopter, killing three of its crew members earlier in November. In August, more than 20 people were killed from both sides during the shooting along the border.

Both sides lay the blame of ceasefire violations on each other.